Design Anthropology Case Studies

A collection of design anthropology case studies written for various courses and assignments.

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Before you toss that newspaper in the recycling bin...

This 20 page research paper explores the idea of sustainability via chaning consumers’ behavior in regards to newspaper advertising. It also provides a business case test model by which interactive advertising can replace traditional print advertising. PDF upon request

Fred Meyer and design anthropological methodology

This essay explores different methodologies for ethnographic research of Fred meyer customers. View case study

Postmodernism and Design Anthropology

This essay frames the work of Xerox PARC, and especially Lucy Suchman’s, in poststructuralists/postmodern theory. View case study

Tobacco, Grease, Sweat

This microsite was a class project and showcases some of my brother’s advertures in Antarctica. Designed and created in a participatory design method of working with my non-designer brother to capture and faithfully represent his experiences. View microsite

One inch equals six feet: Neo–tribe definition in ”braille scale“ armor modeling

This essay employes social network analysis to define and understand the behavior in an on–line hobby community—in this case 1/72 plastic armor modeling. View case study

Mapping the organization

This is the second essay focusing on 1/72 armor modellers. View case study

Designing with/for teams

This short 300–word essay is the third, and final, analysis of 1/72 scale modelers. View case study

Contemporary reframing of design with/for a community

In this essay, the social network of a marketing department’s art directors is examined. Based on work relations and seating, two cliques are identified. PDF upon request

Organizational development

This essay examines the developmental opportunities for a group of production designers in Fred Meyer’s marketing department and outlines a project designed to help them advance within the department. PDF upon request